Not All Corsage Leaves Are Created Equal!

Ours have been rigorously tested (placed in water over night and then place in a cooler for 24 hours) and have stood the test. 

The’ll never wilt or lose their color.

Leaves come in Moss Green (Med. & Lg.) and three fabulous colors: Gold, Silver, and Iridescent all in medium.

Two sizes: Medium 2 1/8”and Large 2 5/8”.

Packaging:  Item #100&101-100 leaves/pkg.  Item #102-50 leaves/pkg.

All are packaged in an attractive “clam shell” package.


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Item #100-Medium Moss Green, #101-Lg. Moss Green, 102/IR-Medium Iridescent, 102/G-Gold, 102/S-Silver